Opening of the Totachi-MSM Group Technopark Totachi DGT


A significant event took place on 1 December 2017- Totachi Industrial Co. Ltd (Japan), alongside its distribution partner in the Russian Federation, MSM Group, opened its joint production facility “TOTACHI ® DGT TECHNOPARK”.

TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan) is engaged not only in the development, production and promotion of lubricants, but also offers its customers an integrated solution – everything that requires regular replacement “under the hood” of your car: engine oils, transmission fluids, automotive filters, batteries, windshield washers and coolants. The assortment of products covers various consumer segments: from high-quality goods for fastidious car enthusiasts to products specially developed for commercial vehicles and specialized off-road vehicles.

TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan)  is one of the largest suppliers of lubricants and process fluids for vehicles on the Russian market. This is a significant amount of goods, which are more convenient to produce as close as possible to the market. Understanding this, TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan) organized a blending production of lubricants and process fluids in Russia even before the decision to build a joint venture with an authorized distributor in the territory of the Russian Federation – the company “MSM GROUP”. It all began with the placing of orders for the production of lubricants and process fluids by its own recipe at an alternative production site in Russia.

This cooperation, as well as a huge experience in the development of premium products led to the historic decision of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan)  and “MSM GROUP” – to create a joint high-tech production site – TOTACHI ® DGT TECHNOPARK.

Built from the ground up, the new automated complex for the production of cooling and washerwash liquids (33600 liters / hour capacity) is one of the largest profile enterprises in Russia.

At the moment, the construction of a plant for the production of a finished product has been completed from the moment of the production of containers to full packaging in the automatic mode of such products as cooling and washer-washing liquids. The laboratory of the plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, which makes it possible to control the quality of the products produced in accordance with international standards. The quality control of the products at all technological stages is ensured by our own laboratory with the most modern equipment. The laboratory is certified in accordance with Russian and international standards of GOST and ASTM and internal standards of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Certificates of conformity and permits for the production of the finished product have been obtained. All the personnel of the enterprise passed the necessary training, and the equipment passed all preliminary tests.

On December 1, the grand opening of the TOTACHI ® DGT TECHNOPARK took place , the conveyor for bottling and packaging of process fluids was launched. From the warehouse of the plant, the first consignment of products was shipped to consumers.

On this day, numerous employees of companies were invited to the production site of Technopark TOTACHI ® DGT, among them the President of the “MSM GROUP” company Tungusov DG, the director of the representative office of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. was present. (Moscow) Melnikov M.N. and Managing Director of  “MSM GROUP” Grigorenko DA.

The President of the company “MSM GROUP” Tungusov DG made a welcome speech and noted that the creation of the TOTACHI® DGT TECHNOPARK is an important milestone in cooperation with TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan) and leads the company “MSM GROUP” to a new level of joint development.

The presentation of the TOTACHI ® DGT TECHNOPARK was conducted by Plant Director Antonyuk G. V. and told about the history of the production, answered the guests’ numerous questions and presented further plans for the development of the TOTACHI ® DGT.

Guests were offered an excursion through the territory of the plant. The production is divided into three zones – the zone of production of plastic containers, separately – the zone of bottling and packaging of process fluids, as well as a new warehouse complex.

The scale is impressive. Two filling lines allow processing of packaged products – from 0.5 to 20 liters. Separately, there is a line for bottling in a barrel container.

All production is fully automated, including packaging of finished products in corrugated boxes and pallets. The employees were led to the very heart of the plant – an automated dispatch room, from where all production processes are managed.

When launching new production sites, the standard question in this case is the quality of the products. The plant’s director assured that the consumer should not worry about this. The production of the TOTACHI ® DGT TECHNOPARK is not inferior in quality and technical characteristics of the imported products manufactured by TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan) anywhere in the world. In addition to all products TOTACHI ® series NIRO tmapplies an extended warranty from TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. (Japan).  Control samples of products will be sent to Japan to confirm the specified standards in the scientific and technical center.

The creation of world-class production in the immediate vicinity of the sales market will ensure high efficiency of supplying Russian consumers with a wide range of high-quality process fluids at affordable prices and opens up export opportunities to Europe, the Middle East and the CIS.

All the details about the products of TOTACHI ®   ask the managers of the company “MSM GROUP”, an authorized distributor in the territory of the Russian Federation.

View the video of the opening at this link (in Russian).