DENTO™ Heavy Duty 20W-50 CI-4

DENTO™ Heavy Duty 20W-50 is a high quality mineral engine oil for four cycle diesel and gasoline engines that are equipped with performance enhancers such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and intercooled superchargers. The product is manufactured using highly refined mineral base stocks that possess excellent lubrication characteristics, while the highly effective additives package provides outstanding protection of engine parts. DENTO™ Heavy Duty 20W-50 helps maintain engine cleanliness, prevents the formation of varnish and burnout at valves, and prevents the buildup of refuse burnout and sluggish deposits in low temperature areas. The lubricant possesses a high Total Base Number (TBN), thus can be used in high sulfur (up to 0.5%) diesel fuel applications.



ACEA E7-04

MAN 3275

MB 228.3

Package 1L, 4L, 18L, 200L
  • 1L - 4589904930836
  • 4L - 4589904930171
  • 5L x4 - 4589904930188
  • 5L x3 - 4589904932625
  • 18L - 4589904931956
  • 200L - 4589904931970

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