Euro Coolant OAT-Technology -50C

Prediluted coolant, based on water solution of ethylene glycol. The product is specially engineered for the latest generation cooling systems of highly loaded gasoline and diesel engines. It is manufactured using modern OAT-technology (Organic Acid Technology) and contains organic acids (carbon) corrosion inhibitors. It is also suitable for cooling systems of other passenger cars and commercial vehicles of various OEMs. The formulation does not contain such inorganic substances as amines, borates, silicates, nitrites and nitrates, which promote increase in service life of water pumps and improve heat exchange from metal surface to coolant. The product maintains performance up to 5 years / 250 000 km. Shelf life of product is up to 8 years. It is not recommended to dilute product with water before use.


ASTM D3306 for automotive service

ASTM D6210-10 for Heavy Duty engines

DHI KS M2142

FUSO 325.3

MAN 324 Type SNF

Mercedes DBL 7700

MB DBL 7700 (325.3)

ASTM D3306

Package 2L, 4 L, 10 L, 20 L, 205 L