TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ is a coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol. The product is developed in accordance with the requirements of the Volkswagen concern and TL 774-G [G12++] specification, lobrid technology. It is suitable for cooling systems European OEMs. The product contains an effective package of additives for long protection of cooling systems of internal combustion engines, including those with application of aluminum alloys. The product forms a long-term protective film on internal surface of cooling system, thus protecting engine from freezing, overheat, cavitation, corrosion and contamination. The formulation, which contains silicates 400-500 ppm, but free from borax, amine, imidazole, phosphates, nitrites providing decrease of hard deposits and extends service life of water pumps.


TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ is Recommended for cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines of most European OEMs. Supports an extended service life of 5 years / up to 250,000 km for light vehicles, 450,000kn for on-highway and 10,000 hours for off—highway applications.

TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ is specially recommended for modern engines where the enhanced protection of aluminum against high-temperature corrosion is required.

TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ requires dilution with demineralized water in the required proportion (see Dilution proportion table) to provide freeze protection. It is suitable for many modern vehicles, medium-weight construction and agricultural applications which require the use of long life coolants, based on inorganic / carboxylate additive technology.


TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ offers effective corrosion protection of engine parts made of iron (cast iron), aluminum, solders and copper alloys.

TOTACHI NIRO ANTIFREEZE Violet G12++ has improved heat exchanging characteristics, which enhance performance of engines in highly loaded operating conditions.

The product possesses excellent compatibility with seal materials and rubber hoses, typically used by European OEMs.

The product can be safely mixed with genuine coolants OEM – manufacturers.


GB 29743-2013 (LEC-II)

MAN 324 Type Si-OAT

Mercedes-Benz 325.5

Audi TL 774-G [G12++]

Seat TL 774-G [G12++]

Skoda TL 774-G [G12++]

Volkswagen TL 774-G [G12++]