TOTACHI® Complete Fuel System Clean MOTO is a super concentrated fuel system cleaner that is added to 4-stroke or 2-stroke gasoline engines of motorcycles, scooters, sport bikes, street bikes, cruisers, mopeds, quads, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), 3-wheeler bikes, buggies, snowmobiles, and other road & off-road bikes.  It thoroughly eliminates the deposits, dirt, sludge and varnish in the injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber which increase the compression and enhance the acceleration of engine to higher top speed.  Excellent deep cleaning properties to restore the engine power and guarantee a smoother drive.

TOTACHI® Complete Fuel System Clean MOTO keeps the fuel system clean which contributes to the improvement in the fuel efficiency and effectively reduces emissions.  The powerful cleaning properties of this product prolongs the engine life.


Recommended for all types of 4-stroke and 2-stroke motorcycles.  Suitable for use in gasoline engines running in all types of fuels.  Boosts the overall performance of the engines by restoring the cleanliness of intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers.  Provides excellent lubrication during the deep cleaning phase while burning off the removed deposits.

Add one can of 60 ml TOTACHI® Complete Fuel System Clean MOTO to 20 liters of gasoline fuel.
Recommended to use for 2 successive treatments.  Then to be used every 5,000 km for deep cleaning action.


TOTACHI® Complete Fuel System Clean MOTO meets or exceeds the OEM’s warranty requirements of gasoline vehicles.  Safe to add in 2-stroke engines where 2T oil and fuel are mixed.  TOTACHI® guarantees full compliance on the written specifications indicated on product labels.


Powerful Drive
Deeply cleans the intake valve, fuel injector and combustion chamber for an optimum engine performance – powerful and accelerated drive.

Maximizes Fuel Economy
Guarantees good atomization of injectors to facilitate proper fuel distributor and effective air & fuel mixture during the combustion process.

Reduces Harmful Emissions
Removes stubborn sludge and varnish from the intake valves and combustion chambers which significantly help in lowering the CO and NOx emissions.

Package 60ml
  • 60ml - P68Z6

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