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Totachi Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998 in by a group of chemical engineers in Hokkaido, Japan; bringing together a wealth of industry experience in the automotive, marine and industrial lubricant sectors. Sustainable innovation, Japanese tradition and an enduring business model have provided a strong foundation for the company’s success over the years.

Our global aspirations have seen us immense growth since those humble beginnings. The Totachi product range now numbers in the thousands, spanning lubricants, specialty fluids, automotive filters and batteries that have been developed to complement one another. Our supply chain network now includes distribution in over fifty markets worldwide and production in eight countries. And, since 2017, we have headquartered ourselves strategically in Singapore to ride on its reputation as a global centre of commerce, in a beautifully designed workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Innovation is core to our long-term success, and the Totachi team vows to bring a new, exciting energy to this centuries-old industry in which we operate, while remaining true to our mission of giving consumers peace of mind in having all their engines’ needs taken care of by our products. We will continue to exploit our core competencies in the manufacture and marketing of premium lubricants and automotive parts, offering our growing customer base a wide range of Japanese engine consumables.

TOTACHI Brand Philosophy

The Totachi brand philosophy is the continuous striving to achieve harmony between human, technology and environment through the use of Totachi products. This concept is reflected in the company logo, which is formed by a trinity of elements:

  • “IE”… HOME

    Responsibility to customers


    Protection against adverse effects

  • “EN”… CIRCLE

    Environmental care


    To continuously develop quality products and integrated engine care solutions, providing all drivers around the world with the reliability and peace of mind to focus on life’s adventures.


    The five Totachi values were always present since our founding in Sapporo in 1998 (Tradition), but have evolved into a cycle that does not break in flow (Motion), and in our industry- flow is what we create.

    RESPECT (for tradition)

    The observation of tradition & ritual has long been a hallmark in Japanese culture- and we do not forget our roots. Respect- for tradition, form, our customers, the environment and ourselves- is a key factor in consistently delivering quality products and services.

    DILIGENCE (towards perfection)

    Long hours of hard work are a virtue- and no less at Totachi, where we strive towards productivity through adversity, with efficiency. Diligence, therefore, is a quality that improves itself over time.

    CURIOSITY (continuously)

    The Japanese concept of ‘kaizen’ is a subtle exercise in continuous improvement, rooted in curiosity for new methods and technologies. We create- and recreate- and by that virtue, innovate.

    HARMONY (in your community)

    One cannot exist, or thrive, in a vacuum, and therefore to reach greater heights we must live the Japanese virtue of “wa”, or harmony. As one- with our team, with our suppliers, with our partners, with our community- we are greater than the sum of all our parts.

    VICTORY (in competition)

    Working collectively towards goal while overcoming adversity gives rise to victory. Competition will bring out the best in us, and will not only spur us on towards attaining new rewards, but will also instill in us virtues like honor, trust, and respect.