Our coolant and antifreeze range offers Organic (OAT) and Non-organic technologies for different cooling systems, climates, equipment and manufacturer recommendations. We produce them pre-diluted or as concentrates for different conditions such as climates and application. Our products meet or exceed requirements for antifreeze & coolant, determined by Japanese, USA, European, South Korean & other OEMs of passenger cars, commercial, heavy-duty vehicles & industrial equipment.

ORGANIC ACID TECHNOLOGY (OAT) antifreeze & coolants (G12, G12+), free of silicate, nitrate, phosphate, borate, amine, based on carboxylate corrosion inhibitor formulated for with maximum service life & cooling system protection.

NON-ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY ethylene glycol type antifreeze & coolants (G11) based on corrosion inhibitor formulated for extended service life & cooling system protection

Available as concentrates & pre-diluted forms for different conditions (climate, season etc.) and applications (passenger cars, mixed fleet, light & heavy-duty trucks, engine & cooling system types)