DENTO™ Series

The Totachi DENTO™ Series was specially developed to complement the existing range of premium Totachi lubricants. The DENTO™ range borrows technology from our premium formulations, yet allows flexibility and tailoring of products to suit specific markets across the world. The plastic packaging was designed for functionality, with key anti-counterfeit measures such as logo embossing, foil seal and a unique capping technology. DENTO™ enables accessibility to Totachi products, even in the most price conscious markets across the world.

Totachi DENTO™ Lubricants adhere to all major international standards, including API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) and JASO (Japan Automotive Standards Organisation).

& Benefits

Totachi Advantages:

  • Adherence to world oil standards (API, ACEA, JASO) and OEM specifications
  • Advanced formulation modelled on our original Signature Series
  • Lowers fuel consumption and carbon footprint through use of lower viscosity products
  • Economical packaging- yet fully-featured with security measures to guard against counterfeiting


DENTO™: characterized by a high-quality, affordable, accessible and attractive range of products, provides flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to market developments, which are of great importance in the lubricants industry. The plastic packaging allows tailoring of products to suit individual markets, and enables Totachi to develop and innovate our product line-up instantaneously. The quality of the DENTO™ range is maintained by constant research and development, in parallel with Totachi’s core premium range. Some unique features on the packaging include:

  • Logo Embossed Cap: 3D volumetric TOTACHI inscription on each cap for protection against counterfeiting

  • Special Cap Closure: Capping technology that offers protection against counterfeiting. Peace of mind to the end-user that they are purchasing genuine TOTACHI lubricants.

  • Embossed Logo Foil Seal: 3D TOTACHI inscription on foil – another anti-counterfeit measure added to the DENTOTM range for peace of mind to the end-user.

  • 8-Color Print Label: Each product label is specially printed with flexographic press on high quality raw materials. The label was designed to complement the existing premium Signature range.

  • Anti-slip Surface: Provides a firm grip, the anti-slip surface was designed to offer peace of mind to the end-user.