Totachi Signature Series

The Totachi Signature Series began life as a collection of engine oils formulated according to OEM standards for the Japanese Domestic Market and the specifications of JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation). The goal was to create lubricants that combine compliance to strict specifications with environmental sustainability.

After gaining recognition outside of Japan, the series evolved to also align with the latest American and European standards, namely API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), to give our international users greater assurance as to our quality.

Today, the Totachi Signature series boasts a range of engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and greases for all manner of application, be it car, van, truck, motorcycle or even heavy equipment. We use only the finest base stocks with our specially formulated additive packages, regularly updated according to world standards, to ensure the best product for your vehicle.

& Benefits

Totachi Advantages:

  • Adherence to world oil standards (API, ACEA, JASO) and OEM specifications
  • Reduces wear on engine parts and promotes longevity through use of ZFM™ additives package
  • Lowers fuel consumption and carbon footprint through use of lower viscosity products
  • Japanese-style, specially designed metal packaging to protect against counterfeiting and promote environmental sustainability


  • ZFM™ (Zero Friction Molecular) Technology is the genuine pride of Totachi Industrial Co., LTD. Japan. The innovative antifriction ZFM™ technology has enabled Totachi to formulate the next generation of premium engine oils that feature unique engine protection characteristics. This breakthrough technology comes directly from Totachi Kougyo Kabushiki Gaisha, otherwise known as Totachi’s R&D Headquarters in Hokkaido. The additives package, based on ZFM™ technology contributes to considerably decrease friction rate and wear of highly loaded engine parts that are exposed to intensive duty cycles and high operating temperatures.


    ZFM™ Technology is based on molybdenum polysulfide of alkyldithiocarbamide complex (MoDTC) with residuals, providing increased adhesion of lubricant to metal surfaces. The ZFM™ additives package is blended in TOTACHI® engine oils with Service Categories API СJ-4, CK-4 and API SP/SN/SM, including resource conserving oils of ILSAC GF-5 Category and ILSAC GF-6A, GF-6B. Under increased temperature conditions in the friction zone of contacting parts; ZFM™ molecules modify and adhere to metal surfaces, thus forming protective coating with outstanding anti-wear performance characteristics. Trace amounts of MoDTC + ХZDTP (up to 0.5% max) in engine oil will maximize the durability of engine parts by achieving decreased friction rates. The synergetic action of these components leads to significant improvement of greasing properties of engine oil and contributes to smoothing the micro relief of rubbing surfaces in moving metal parts. The use of ZFM™ technology ensures the decrease of friction in moving parts at temperatures +- 130°C to trace amounts.

  • The additive ZFM+ is the most modern version of MoDTC – trimer, developed on the basis of three-core molybdenum, (Molybdenum Dialkyl Dithiocarbamate (MoTDC). Unlike two-core molybdenum used in oil compositions produced by ZFM technology, the effective dosage of three-core molybdenum is several times less and rarely exceeds 50-100 parts per million, but surpasses all previously known friction modifiers in terms of protection, guarantees a strong oil film at high temperature and high shear rate, which reduces metal contact with metal, reduces wear and generally ensures reliable operation of the engine.


    Characterized by:

    1) Small size of molecules.

    2) The polar head of the molecule that adheres to the metal surface.

    3) Non-polar circuit, which ensures oil compatibility and ensures the stability of the film.

    What is confirmed by the tests of the oil developed by the ZFM+ technology


    Diagram showing the advantages and effectiveness of the ZFM+ additive compared to conventional base oil

    A diagram showing the effectiveness of the additive used even in small concentrations


    ZFM ™ + technology is currently used in the production of TOTACHI ULTRA RACING engine oils 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, 10W-40, 10W-60, and has shown its high efficiency.

  • ECO: Environmentally Friendly Technologies. Totachi’s ECO symbol is used to recognise specific products in our holistic auto care range that contribute to increased fuel efficiency, minimising the carbon footprint of vehicles using Totachi’s ECO range. The ECO symbol is present on lubricants that use low-viscosity base oils combined with Totachi’s latest generation additives package with improved anti-friction properties that contribute to low ash levels. As a result this provides low toxicity of emission. Such oils are capable to provide effective operation in modern environmental friendly engines, specially engineered for fuel economy in «stop-and-go» operations to prevent high emission of harmful substances when idling. The ECO sign also recognises our range of gear oils and transmission fluids, specially formulated for highly efficient transmissions that provide increased fuel economy. Given that Totachi produce 100% of our lubricants in metal canisters, this also attributes to an environmental sustainability, as metal is far more recycled than plastic that tends to find it’s way into landfill/ocean/the environment.


Our packaging is defined by quality and Japanese authenticity. Fabricated with extreme precision, the canisters are made of high-quality sheet metal with multi-colour printing, using SUPER WIMA seam technology (0.4mm seam overlay). With stringent quality control, the Signature Series conforms to Japanese packaging and environmental standards. Some unique features on the packaging include:

  • Barcodes: Digital barcodes offer crucial information regarding manufacturing details. In addition, the barcodes allow for automated inventory system control for distribution channels and retail outlets.

  • Inscription: a 3D volumetric TOTACHI inscription on every canister protects against potential counterfeits.

  • Snap-cap Lid: a multi-component “Snap-cap” lid with protective ring offers additional protection against potential counterfeits, as well as “re-fills”.

  • Metal Canisters: Stringent material selection for the metal canisters – precision assembly, quality design and paint guarantee safe storage capabilities.

  • Duck Tongue: The duck-tongue offers an easy pour solution, without the need for a funnel, and comes attached to every 4L and 6L canister.

  • Specification labels: Each product is labelled with its specifications, offering the consumer peace-of-mind in knowing that the selected product meets the specifications of recognised global institution standards.