Lubricants & Fluids

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With a strong scientific foundation and state-of-the-art production facilities, Totachi continues to design and manufacture lubricants, coolants and fluids that meet the needs of the various markets and industries across the globe.

Our products are manufactured to meet the most stringent OEM requirements and international standards, with multi-stage facilities that span across Japan, the USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea.

  • The Signature Series

    The Totachi Signature Series is our collection of lubricant developed through decades of R&D, with longstanding OEM production in the Japanese automotive and industrial sectors. Consisting everything from engine oil to transmission fluid to grease, the range truly captures all application areas.

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  • The DENTO™ Series

    The Totachi DENTO™ Series was specially developed to complement the existing range of premium Totachi lubricants. The DENTO™ range borrows technology from our premium formulations, yet allows flexibility and tailoring of products to suit specific markets across the world.

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  • Coolant/Antifreeze

    Our coolant and antifreeze range offers Organic (OAT) and Non-organic technologies for different cooling systems, climates, equipment and manufacturer recommendations. We produce them pre-diluted or as concentrates for different conditions such as climates and application.

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  • Auxiliary Fluids

    We are always expanding our product range beyond engine care, and includes our very own ClearView windshield washer fluid, AdBlue® diesel exhaust fluid and Brake Fluid.

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