• Expanded Metal Technology (EMT)


    Expanded Metal Technology (EMT) is a unique process in the manufacturing of Totachi batteries. Modern battery technology involves the use of a lead-calcium alloy in the production of battery plates, proven to deliver increased reliability and longevity of an automotive battery.

    Totachi uses 100% virgin lead when compounding the PbCa alloy, and during the production of accumulator grids, a method of continuous casting and stamping of plates is used, now known as “Expanded Metal”. The use of Ca/Ca technology significantly increases start-up power, and prevents the boil-off of battery acid to create a “maintenance-free” battery. EMT improves the battery’s resilience to self-discharge in an idle state, provides a longer shelf life, and offers high CCA in extreme temperatures.

  • X-Frame Technology



    TOTACHI’s X-FRAME Technology produces patterned and fully frame grids through a manufacturing process called “stamping”. Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grid, TOTACHI batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow.

    The Advanced Grid Structure for Long Life

    • Full Framed Grid Design
      prevents grid growth and short from exposed wire
    • The latest production process : Continuous and high precision punching process ensures robust structure and excellent adhesion of the active mass paste.

    The Advanced Grid Design for Extra Power

    Built for maximum flow of current, the advanced grid design enable faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity. The design ensures there is more lead where electrical current is greatest.


    Production process is more eco-friendly.

  • High Durability Technology


    TOTACHI batteries provide extended life cycle through the HIGH DURABILITY TECHNOLOGY. Using cutting-edge materials, the HIGH DURABILITY PLATE SYSTEM protects the grid until the end of the battery life and improves the Battery performance.

    Provides Lasting Reinforcement

    Reinforced active mass with ultra micro fiber provides better service life to ensure highly bonding strength of lead dioxide.

    Significant Improvement in Plate Protection

    Nonwoven Tissue Increases plate durability by significantly reducing loss of active mass.



    Conventional                    TOTACHI
    Pulp Tissue                        Nonwoven Tissue

    These image of electron microscope show the surface of a tissue after a life cycle test.