The Evoluton of Formula
Technological progress is extensive and the evolution of knowledge is intense. It is based on efficiency, high technology and perfection of forms.
Formula is about awareness. It is understanding what and why, the precise process control. The idea and the result.
The Evolution of Formula is a conscious process of self-improvement. Are you ready for Evolution?

PAO is the technology for production of lubricants based on fully synthetic highly stable base oils of group IV. PAO oils are characterized by high viscosity index and excellent high-temperature stability due to the unique technology of constructing molecules of the desired length. They do not contain paraffin molecules, sulfur and metal impurities, which ensures effective operation in the temperature range from -50 ℃ to + 150 ℃. PAO based oils have been designed for racing cars and are rightfully considered the perfect choice for high speed and heavy duty conditions.

ECO stands for oils and fluids with high environmental properties. They help to reduce fuel consumption, provide low toxicity of exhaust fumes. ECO oils are able to ensure the efficient operation of modern high-tech engines.