API Rating System for Motorcycle Oils


In the recent weeks, we’ve talked about the differences between automotive and motorcycle engine oils, details on the functions of 2T and 4T motorcycle engine oils, and understanding the JASO grading system. We believed that you will now have greater understanding when choosing the right engine oils for your motorcycle. In the last part of the motorcycle engine oils series, we would like to introduce to you the API engine oils classification applicable to motorcycles.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) establishes and maintains standards for rating the viscosity and certain content for motor oils globally. The standards help manufacturers produce superior products that meet specific guidelines consistently,  ensure compatibility with specific pollution control systems mandated by the government and enhance safety for engine oil users.

API class ratings that are applicable to motorcycles engine oils are as follow:

For 2 stroke

Source: oilspecifications.org

For 4 stroke

Source: oilspecifications.org


API recommends following the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) oil recommendations on your owner’s manual. Typically, an API SJ through SM engine oil would include some friction modifier. Do not use unless an API SJ, SL or SM rating is specifically called for by your motorcycle manufacturer!


Here are Totachi motorcycle oils that meet API standards:

4T Motorcycle Oils for both Totachi Signature series and DENTO series.

Totachi DENTO PAWA Matic 4T series.

Totachi DENTO PAWA 2T for 2 Stroke

For more enquiries on our motorcycle oils product selection, please consult our distributors in your country or email us at info@totachi.com for assistance.