Expanding Our Oil Filter Range


In the second quarter of 2017, we updated our range of automotive oil filters to support more makes and models of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Check out our cross-reference list below:


Totachi Code OEM Number
TC-1007 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 074115561
TC-1009 General Motors (GM) 93156291
TC-1021 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 03C 115 561B
TC-1275 Mazda LF10-14-302
TC-1246 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 030 115 561 AB
TC-1328 IVECO 500038751
TC-1337 Kia Motors 26320 2A500
TC-1350 Ford 7S7G-6714-AA
TC-1358 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 03C 115 561
TC-1377 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 068 115 561 F
TC-1500 Daewoo / Chevrolet (GM) 96985730
TO-1128 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 38 115 466
TO-1135 Opel 650307
TO-1158 Opel 5650359
TO-1166 Kia Motors O-005 26320
TO-1274 Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG) A 112 184 00
TO-1302 Nissan 15209-00Q0A
TO-1337 Volkswagen Group (VAG) 03L 115 562














Download the full list with application here.

We began development and distribution of our filter product line since 2014, and to date, our range includes oil, air, fuel and cabin filters for most passenger and commercial vehicles. Our filter product range is continually expanding.


  • All Totachi filters are manufactured using our special Targeted Filtration Technology (TFT) using materials of the highest quality.
  • Our current prodution facilities are fully compliant with OEM producers.
  • Our filter papers are impregnated with special resins and provide superior filtration.


  • High fineness dropout – from 25 to 35 microns;
  • High completeness dropout – 95%
  • increased dirt holding capacity
  • Low flow resistance – 0.015 MPa
  • Long service life in excess of the requirements of OEM’s service intervals.


Our filters come packaged in our distinct Totachi red and white boxes, and each come equipped with a plastic bag to dispose of your spent filter.

For more details about our full filter range, feel free to contact your Totachi sales partner or contact info@totachi.com.