International Forum of Distributors “HENKO JIDAI”


A landmark event for TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. took place from 19 September to 22 September where Totachi invited it’s partners from various countries over the world to the city of Moscow and Tver region, where the TOTACHI DGT TECHNOPARK is located –  a plant for the production of Coolant/Antifreeze and Windshield Washer Fluid.

On the first day, partners were invited to visit the Moscow branch of MCM GROUP, an authorized distributor of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. on the territory of Russian Federation. The guests visited once of the largest office and warehouse of branches of MCM GROUP. The office and the warehouse are located in the Moscow region. It represent a modern complex and has the convenience of transport accessibility in the vicinity of the Moscow Ring Road. This gives an opportunity to deliver customers’ goods promptly to all partners in the Central Federal District of Russia.

Employees of MCM GROUP, authorized distributors of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd., introduced the structure of the branch, shared about their resources and sales tools used, as well as the problems and trends in the Russian market for lubricants, coolants and batteries. They also exchanged the best practices for TOTACHI® and NIRO® for their sales development. Representatives of international distributors of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. also visited auto-shops  – “Tehkom” and “AutoCamp” and got acquainted with better understanding of Russian auto consumables market.

The second day of the Forum was held at the production site of Technopark TOTACHI DGT outside of Moscow. Redkino (Tver region), where they got familiarised with the technological processes and equipment used for the production of plastic bottles as well as with a full cycle of manufacturing, filling of cooling and washing fluids. In the laboratory of the Technopark, modern equipment which are used for new developments. Technical and physical-chemical tests were also demonstrated to the guests.

CEO of Totachi Industrial, Mr Mikhail Baiman and Managing director of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., Mr Maksim Melnikov presented on the future development strategy of the company to the world. Totachi Industrial aims to build an effective international distribution network, improving the efficiency of joint business and expanding the geographical presence of TOTACHI® and NIRO® products to the world.

Representatives of authorized distributors TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD made their presentations during the forum. Kazakhstan – VOSTOKOIL KZ LTD and Jordan – Arabian Woqod for Trading distributors shared their best practices and spoke about their plans to further develop sales of TOTACHI® and NIRO® products in their countries.

The third segment of the forum was an informal part of the program. The organizers and guests discussed existing projects and objectives for the development of cooperation in a relaxed environment, which, according to the participants of the Forum, reached a new level. Informal communication took place during a golf game at the PGA National Golf Club in Zavidovo, as well as during a gala dinner at the Radisson Zavidovo Yacht Club. During the gala dinner, the guests were presented with token of appreciation in the form of a coolant canister. The guests signed on a commemorative world map representing their countries and wrote wishes to TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

International Forum of distributors “HENKO JIDAI”,  TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO . LTD . as a form of communication that allows TOTACHI business partners to enter into new agreements, expand and strengthen business ties, provide the best offer and service for end users of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. In all countries.”