Introducing the Totachi Hub: Our New Global Headquarters


Our Singapore office has grown immensely: from humble beginnings as a one-man-show operating out of Starbucks coffeehouses; to a small sales team working from a tiny studio office in Clarke Quay; to a full operation comprising supply chain, marketing, corporate affairs and sales out of an office/warehouse hybrid in the Ubi industrial estate. We are now proud to announce that we have evolved to become the Headquarters for all global operations, and have moved into the Prudential Tower, right in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Introducing: The Totachi Hub.

Moving into the new Totachi Hub marks a new period of growth for the company, a period through which we intend to lead a shift in the automotive aftermarket, to give consumers the peace of mind from having all their engine’s needs taken care of by a single, high-tech, quality brand. There is nothing ordinary about this space: we intend to bring a new, creative energy to the hundred-year-old industry in which we operate.

Through the vision of our CEO, Mikhail Baiman, and the execution of the RIM studio of architecture and design, the Totachi Hub was designed as a centre for collaboration and creativity: open workspaces to facilitate conversation, a large pantry area for staff to unwind between projects, and two distinct meeting spaces that allow a simultaneous flow of ideas- whether with our partners, friends, or just among ourselves. Our motto, “Tradition in Motion” is fully resonated here; in that we build on the concept of ‘Kaizen’, or continual improvement, while being firmly rooted in our values.


Our first day at the Totachi Hub began with a re-introduction to our vision- and values- in moving forward, with our CEO Mikhail explaining the concept of the space, and our Head of MEA Sales Duncan reiterating that our success is not mutually exclusive- that we all improve as a team through the success of each division. This was followed by a time of food, fun and fellowship with our key partners, suppliers and representatives.

We are excited to share this space and build our mutual success with you. If you are ever in the country or in our area, do drop by for a drink and a chat!