Let’s Talk About ATF (Part Two – Low Viscosity)


This article is a continuation from Let’s Talk About ATF (Part One – High Viscosity)


In recent years, there has been extensive changes in development of automotive transmission systems and fluids induced by end user requirements to improve fuel economy, increase vehicle performance, greater power requirements, and enhance driving experience. Increasing the number of gears in conventional stepped automatic transmissions are one of the many approaches adopted by a number of OEMs. While six-speed transmissions have been the workhorse for many OEMs, some are now moving to eight, nine and ten-speed transmissions.


Today, ATFs are increasingly expected to have a direct impact on fuel economy performance. Fluid viscosity has a direct effect on pumping, dragging, and churning losses. Oil pumps, which are accountable for nearly 50% of the energy lost in the transmission, are sources of inefficiency which should not be underestimated or ignored. In addition, the chemistry between the viscosity of ATFs and boundary films can have a direct effect on gear and bearing efficiency.


A number of OEMs have moved from conventional viscosity fluids of more than 6.8 centistokes at 100oC to low viscosity – typically 5.5 centistoke fluids – for their automatic transmissions. But, we are already seeing 4.5 centistoke fluids in use, and there may be a demand to move to even lower viscosities in the future. While it is possible to get more fuel economy from transmission fluids, beyond lowering viscosity at 100oC, low temperature viscosity is also critical. In addition, because there is more tendency for mixed and boundary lubrication as viscosity is lowered, gear and bearing losses can also increase.


Totachi Low Viscosity ATF

Totachi high viscosity ATF consists of ATF WS, ATF Dex VI and ATF SP-IV. They range from 100% synthetic to mineral-based.

Totachi low viscosity ATFs are designed specifically for the latest hydro-mechanic automatic transmissions of many OEMs. Our formulations contain highly refined synthetic based stocks with high viscosity index, which, in combination with additive package, provides protection against wear and optimal friction performance for smooth gear shifts. To conform with global trends, Totachi low viscosity ATFs are low viscosity fluids which reduce inner resistance loss, thus decreasing fuel consumption.

Totachi low viscosity ATFs provide full protection of all parts and reliable performance of automatic transmission in high loads. The extended service life of Totachi low viscosity ATFs are sometimes referred to as “life-long”.


  • Totachi low viscosity ATFs are designed for many types of latest hydraulic automatic transmissions by General Motors, Ford Motor Company and many other OEMs, which require the use of low viscosity ATFs with General Motors DEXRON-VI, Ford MERCON LV, MERCON SP, ATF AW-1 and other specifications.
  • Totachi low viscosity ATFs are designed specifically for the latest AISIN-WARNER automatic transmissions of TOYOTA and LEXUS cars, which are widely spread since mid 2000’s.
  • These fluids can be used in AISIN-WARNER transmissions with JWS 3324 or NWS-9638 specifications requirements.


Totachi low viscosity ATFs:

  • meets requirements of most advanced automatic transmission ОЕМs which recommend ATFs with low viscosity for increasing operational efficiency and lowering fuel consumption;
  • consists of genuine additive technology which minimize wear and provide the required friction rate for transferring torque. These fluids contribute to smooth and silent gear shifts in wide range of operating temperatures.
  • offer outstanding anti-oxidizing performance and guaranteed oil film shear strength, which provides “life-long” service of ATFs.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of our ATF is available for download on our website.

For more enquiries on our product selection, please consult our distributors in your country or email us at info@totachi.com for assistance.


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