MB-Approval 229.5 for Totachi Pro Touring M 5W-40


Totachi Industrial Pte Ltd is proud to announce the attainment of another new OEM approval from one of our favourite European car makers – Mercedes Benz.

This approval marks one more success in our mission to bring peace of mind to our customers: from our distribution partners who gain more confidence in knowing OE manufacturers endorse our products, to our end users who gain assurance that our oil was made right for their vehicle.

The Totachi Product Development team continues to work with the latest technologies and with OE manufacturers to bring engine consumables of the highest quality to market.

Please check out the link below for access to the Mercedes Benz “Operating Fluids-Extranet”, where you can find various MB approvals for Totachi, as well as information on each approval specification.


For more information on Totachi products and their suitability for use, please refer to the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) available for download at http://www.totachi.com/catalog/