New Product: Grand EcoDrive 10W-40 & 20W-50


We are proud to present two new lubricants in our PCMO range: Grand EcoDrive 10W-40 & 20W-50, adding on to our Grand EcoDrive product series which is categorised by top quality, fully synthetic engine oils that are designed for lower emissions and greater efficiency.

Totachi Grand EcoDrive 10W-40 & 20W-50 now available!

The series is manufactured using the unique antifriction ZFMTM technology and specially selected synthetic base stocks with high viscosity index and outstanding oxidation stability. As an added distinctive feature, these two products come in a pleasing shade of deep green.

Now in Green!

For more information about the Grand EcoDrive product series, contact us at or visit the relevant product pages, complete with technical information.

Grand EcoDrive 10W-40

Grand EcoDrive 20W-50