New Product Launch: EFB Batteries


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new battery range, Totachi EFB, in addition to our existing CMF range.


Totachi EFB is based on Enhanced Flooded Battery technology, specifically designed for Start-Stop vehicles requiring an enhanced battery performance to withstand the severe driving condition during start-stop operations.  Start-stop technology is one of the most effective vehicle technologies to achieve fuel efficiency by 5 – 15%, hence, reduces the CO2 emission. Start-stop system controls engine to stop when the vehicle is not moving and restarts the engine when it needs to be accelerated.  Start-stop events quickly discharge and shortens the life of the battery.

Totachi EFB battery range boosts the starting power of a vehicle, providing a reliable driving throughout the day.  Effectively powers up vehicles that are fully equipped with electrical controls, without compromising the battery life.  Doubled cyclic stability versus the conventional lead acid batteries, to allow a longer life span of recovering from deep discharges.  It provides higher number of engine starts versus conventional flooded batteries.


Below is the list of available TOTACHI EFB batteries, from June 2018:

Totachi EFB AhCCALWHTHLayoutTerminal
SE N55 (70B24LS)454602341272002200A/B
SE Q85 (90D23L)656702301722002200A
SE S95 (100D26L)687302571722002200A
SE 56010605602421741901900A
SE 57010706502771741901900A


Other models stated below are available upon your order:

Totachi EFBAhCCALWHTHLayoutTerminal
SE M42 (55B20L)404201961272002200A/B
SE M42 (55B20R)404201961272002201A/B
SE N55 (70B24L)454602341272002200A/B
SE N55 (70B24R)454602341272002201A/B
SE Q85 (90D23R)656702301722002201A
SE S95 (100D26R)687302571722002201A
SE T110 (115D31L)808003021722002200A
SE T110 (115D31R)808003021722002201A
SE 56510656502771741751750A
SE 57510757303151741751750A
SE 58010807303151741901900A
SE 610101109503981741901900A


Totachi’s EFB battery range provides the following features and benefits:

Contact your Totachi Sales Partner or click here to check out the EFB battery listings.