OEM approvals, where consistency is key


The TOTACHI® R&D team continues to work closely with Japanese OE manufacturers in technological advancements of premium lubricants for a variety of applications – engine oils, transmission fluids, and motorcycle lubricants. Whilst the majority of TOTACHI® products cater to Japanese engines, we recognize that global consumers have differing views on their favourite car – be it Japanese efficiency, American muscle, or European luxury, TOTACHI®has engine oil that will offer you peace of mind in your everyday commute – be it 5km, 50km, or 500km.

Totachi Kougyo Kabushiki Gaisha is proud to announce the attainment of two new lubricant approvals from one of our favourite European car makers – Mercedes Benz.

  • MB 229.51 Approval – Totachi Ultima EcoDrive L 5W-30
  • MB 228.31 Approval – Totachi Heavy Duty 15W-40


For the global consumer, OEM approvals offer confidence in a particular product, as the formulation is considered by the car maker to be perfectly suited to their fleet of vehicles requiring that particular specification. Vehicle owners have peace of mind knowing that not only is the lubricant suitable for use in their car, but it is approved for use by vehicle manufacturer.

For the TOTACHI®team, OEM approvals propel the continued development of our technologies and formulations, such as the anti-friction additive, ZFMTM – a TOTACHI®patented technology.

Feel free to refer to the hyperlink below for access to Mercedes Benz “Operating Fluids-Extranet”, where you can find various MB approvals for TOTACHI®, as well as information on each approval specification.


For more information on TOTACHI® products, and their suitability for use, please refer to the Technical Data Sheets (TDS), available for download athttp://www.totachi.com/catalog/