Product Transition: DENTO™ Flush Out


We are pleased to announce the transition of our popular Flush Out Oil from our Signature range to the DENTO™ Range. Thanks to feedback from our partners, we have decided to offer DENTO™ Flush Out to make it more affordable, while maintaining the quality and performance of the product.

DENTO™ Flush Out is a flushing oil that is specially engineered for purge of internal combustion engine lubrication systems without the need for engine to be torn down. Its high quality detergent and dispersant properties effectively wash away the accumulated deposits in oil passages and interior cavities of the engine. It is safe for use in any 4-stroke gasoline or diesel engine vehicles.

It is available in 4L bottles, 18L pails and 200L drums. Please note that Flush Out in tin packaging will no longer be offered.

You may find detailed information about the product here. Feel free to approach your Totachi Sales Partner for any further queries or orders.