TOTACHI distributors’ conference on 5th – 8th June 2023, with the presence of more than 80 representatives from different parts of the world, the renowned Japanese automotive consumables brand, was a resounding success, gathering industry leaders, distributors, and key stakeholders. Despite the very long and tiring flights endured by the delegates, the overflowing energy and excitement from everyone made this event extraordinary, marking a memorable milestone to TOTACHI and its valued partners. The event served as a platform to celebrate TOTACHI’s achievements, discuss market trends, and strengthen partnerships. With its commitment to excellence, innovation, and superior product quality, TOTACHI continues to play a pivotal role in the automotive consumables market.

The conference promised an excellent opportunity to exchange valuable information and enhance the partnership while growing the business and EXPANDING THE FUTURE together.  Experts from TOTACHI delivered presentations that reveal the vector of business development for the coming years.

Mr. Nishi Kosaku (CEO) TOTACHI Kogyo Co. Ltd JAPAN addressing to delegates Mr. Mikhail Baiman, CEO of TOTACHI Industrial Co. Ltd SINGAPORE, made an opening speech emphasizing on the importance of continuous innovation to adapt to the ever-changing market needs, providing exceptional customer service & support, and building long-lasting relationships with partners & customers, all key elements to achieve endless possibilities for the growing TOTACHI family. Mr. Katsuji Narimatsu (Head of R&D) from TOTACHI Kogyo Co. Ltd JAPAN addressed the features of automotive market in Japan and the promising developments of TOTACHI products. Something to look forward in the coming future!


Special thanks to some of our successful partners who shared their best practices and inspiring stories reinforcing that expanding the future is not impossible.


In the conference, new products were presented to enhance the brand’s capability and positing in the market.EURODRIVE range is approved by leading European OEMs. Advanced high-performance fully synthetic engine oil formulated with innovative chemical components to exceed the demanding requirements of the next-generation engines and multiple European OEMs. TOTACHI Aftermarket is the newest addition to SIGNATURE series that consists of FUEL ADDITIVES and CONCENTRATED FLUSHING OIL which restore the vehicle power and performance like new!


And the soon to be flagship product of TOTACHI in the world of motorsport, TOTACHI ULTIMA RACING range!

The whole new range of premium products will bring TOTACHI to greater heights!






Following the first formal day of the Totachi distributors’ conference, attendees were treated to a delightful evening of relaxation and camaraderie at a stunning rooftop venue at one of the renowned restaurants. The dinner event provided a much-needed opportunity for attendees to unwind, enjoy live music, and foster stronger connections in a relaxed atmosphere.



At TOTACHI, we embrace the motto of working hard and playing harder, so we have curated enjoyable experiences to relish this journey and make this adventure unforgettable.






TOTACHI is honoured by the presence of our valued partners!  We will reach new heights and enhance our partnerships while working together in Expanding the Future!

Looking forward to seeing a bigger family in the next Distributors Conference.