Totachi Accumulator Batteries (Part 2 – Products)


This article is continuation of Totachi Accumulator Batteries (Part 1 – Technology)


Light Passenger Car Batteries

Totachi Battery Advantages:

  • Increased specific capacity
  • Effective charging
  • Easy engine start
  • Stable electrolyte level
  • Easy maintenance


Product Benefits of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Battery:

  • Ideal choice for standard vehicles with usual power demands
  • Main Benefits:
    • Reliable starting power with X-Frame Tech
    • Longer service life with High Durability Tech
    • A complete range offered for 99% of vehicles on the market


Battery Structure

Service Instructions

Motorcycle Batteries


  • Manufactured using the Expanded Metal Technology Ca/Ca
  • Super dry charged storage performance: Using dry-charged electrodes and a special battery assembly process to ensure high performance
  • Effectively preventing the oxidation of batteries
  • Tightly sealed acid bottles to prevent leakage and contamination of electrolytes
  • High cranking amps provide a good & consistent start-up performance
  • Low maintenance during usage
  • Longer service life


Electrolyte Filling Instructions

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