This fall, more than 3,500 people became spectators of an exciting show race of off-road vehicles “Jeep Sprint 2023” in Kyrgyzstan. The official sponsor of the event was TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., Japan with the official representative of TOTACHI in Kyrgyzstan – Unioil.

Competitions were held among cars of the TP1, TP2, TP3* classes, as well as enduro-motorcycles:

TR1 – Almost standard cars with a mass of at least 800 and no more than 3,500 kg with wheels of no more than 820 mm (32 inches)

TR2 – Cars with a serious design change, but externally looking like serial ones

TR3 – Class TR-3 are prototypes of the original design, off-road “monsters” built exclusively for participation in competitions.

Participants had to overcome an obstacle course of hillocks, trampolines, mud, sand and clay areas and cross the river.

The race turned out to be very spectacular!