TOTACHI® INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. strive to improve its quality of service and technologies in order to ensure that at every point of contact, our customers will receive top-notch products from TOTACHI®. Keeping pace with changing market trends, TOTACHI® INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. develops and complement its product portfolio constantly. Currently, TOTACHI® brand has a unique advantage as compared to the other lubricant manufacturers. TOTACHI® product portfolio not only include lubricants, but also coolants, windshield washer fluids, automotive filters and accumulator batteries. This allows TOTACHI® to offer a wide range of products to our customers, an “INTEGRATED SOLUTION” giving driver a peace of mind.

TOTACHI® INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. constantly update our customers about the expansion of product range and launching of new products. “INTEGRATED SOLUTION” concept forms as the basis of the advertising and marketing strategy for 2019 where the purpose is to convey the message of the main advantages of TOTACHI® brand to our customers, i.e. the wide selection of lubricants, coolants, filters, batteries and windshield washer fluids.

There are more than thousands of distributors over the world that sell TOTACHI® products. Not only does TOTACHI® partners sell TOTACHI® lubricants, filters and batteries, but they also provide after-sales service in full compliance with high quality standards. All TOTACHI® partners over the world have to comply strictly to the marketing policy in order to standardize in all advertising materials and activities. The “INTEGRATED SOLUTION” concept will be broadcasted by our partners to the rest of the world.  Hence, all marketing and promotional materials will appear to be  consistent.

Using only high-quality materials and relying on professional approach, TOTACHI® will maintain your vehicle in the perfect condition, thus bringing driving comfort as long as possible! Take care of your car and carry out all the necessary maintenance procedures regularly and it will pay off in the long run.

Feel free to download the “INTEGRATED SOLUTION” concept mockups via the link: integrated solution from Japan

For all enquiries with regards to the purchase of TOTACHI® products, please contact your local authorized distributor of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.

Also, for enquiries with regards to the promotional materials of TOTACHI®, please contact Marketing Department of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. via e-mail