Totachi DENTO™ Series Official Launch


Building upon TOTACHI’s success in offering a premium range of automotive lubricant in the global market, the new DENTO range was specially developed for the price conscious market segment – the move into plastic packaging allows for the preservation of the high-quality formulations, whilst offering competitive pricing of the DENTO range in emerging markets.

TOTACHI has seen a significant increase in demand for affordable automotive lubricants in some of the fastest growing markets around the world, and the introduction of the DENTO range will enable TOTACHI to achieve a greater market share in this segment. The DENTO range offers accessibility to high-quality products such as engine oil for passenger car, motorcycle and heavy duty vehicles, transmission fluid, brake fluid, gear oil, at affordable prices in these emerging markets.

DENTO; characterized by a high-quality, affordable, accessible and attractive range of products, provides flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to market developments, which are of great importance in the lubricants industry. The plastic packaging allows tailoring of products to suit individual markets, and enables TOTACHI to develop and innovate our product line-up instantaneously. The quality of the DENTO range is maintained by constant research and development, in parallel with TOTACHI’s core premium range. The addition of the DENTO range will support TOTACHI’s mission to create a shift in the automotive aftermarket that gives consumers peace of mind.

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