Totachi Global Distributor Conference 2016 – Part 2


This post is a continuation from Totachi Global Distributor Conference 2016 – Part 1

Maksim Melnikov (top), Managing Director of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (EUROPE), on behalf of Mr. Dmitry Grigorenko( bottom), Managing Director of MCM GROUP CO., LTD., presented MCM GROUP’s best practices; from their sales strategy to marketing support. “MCM GROUP has developed unified terms of partnership for all partners in Russia which provides valuable offer for consumer and high revenue for partners,” said Mr. Grigorenko, while explaining the terms of commercial partnership in his company.

A unified price list, transparent financial terms of payment, prompt door-to-door delivery, easy product return and exchange system, and standard and extended warranties are some strategies MCM GROUP has extended to its partners and consumers.

“The need for constant reinvention is a given in today’s business environment,” said Mr. Sar Veasna, Executive Director of LSTK LUBE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD., as he shared the best practices of his company with the delegates. He mentioned that it is important for a business to establish a clear goal of direction, keep open communication amongst management and employees, reduce bureaucracy and most importantly, not to be afraid to take risks and fail.

“Totachi is a trusted brand that uses Japanese technologies in their products,” mentioned Mr. Veasna in his speech. “The selling point of Totachi products is that it provides customers a peace of mind.”

Following, was the presentation of the certificate and appreciation award to the distributors for their utmost support in this partnership. The certificates and awards were presented by Nishi Kousaku and Mikhail Baiman, President and MD of Totachi respectively.

After lunch, commencement of the Round Robin Discussion began. There were a total of four segments led by the management; namely Business Development by Mikhail Baiman and Duncan Campbell, Finance by Cliffton Lam, Technical and Product Development by Karen Yian and Marketing by Leena Loh. The aim of the round robin discussion is to gather the distributors in groups to discuss the problems they might be facing and how Totachi can play a part to rectify these problems.

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