TOTACHI introduces a new product category – wiper blades


TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., Japan is expanding the integrated solution by launching a new product group – wiper blades for passenger cars of all brands.

TOTACHI Wiper Blades are meticulously developed in response to the exacting demands of TOTACHI team’s professional racers, who actively take part in the most renowned race events across Asia.  The existing technologies fell short in effectively mitigating the rapid moisture buildup during intense rains at high speeds. This experience led TOTACHI to extend these technical advancements in conventional passenger cars.

The range of TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  wiper blades presented in 4 most popular types:

  1. Flex wiper blade
  2. Basic wiper blade
  3. Hybrid wiper blade
  4. Rear wiper blade


As the name suggests – flex wiper blade has no metal frame, and blade itself looks like one whole piece. Instead of a frame, an elastic metal plate is used, which is rigidly connected to the working surface. Frameless wiper blade bends in the shape of an arc to press more evenly and follow the curve of the glass for better cleaning quality.

Frameless wiper blade is optimal for glass with a large surface and curvature. Such wiper blades look very modern; have excellent aerodynamics and low noise, not subject to corrosion.  Moreover, the narrow profile improves visibility on the road.


TOTACHI frame wiper blade is a classic, time-tested design of impeccable quality. Optimal price-quality ratio and windshield cleaning efficiency. In addition, frame wiper blades are characterized by maximum durability.


Hybrid wiper blade combines elements of conventional frame wiper blade and frameless one. The base of the hybrid repeats frame wiper blade design, just the force is transmitted not at 1 point in the center, but at 8 points at once, like with frame wiper blades. Hybrid wiper blade can be considered as an optimal compromise that combines the benefits of the first 2 types.


Rear wiper blades are equipped with multi adapters for mounting on different types of rear wiper blades. Wiper blades are available in the most popular sizes.

Tested quality

TOTACHI subjects all its wiper blades to rigorous production quality control. Our dedicated specialists consistently conduct testing in both laboratory and real-world road conditions to ensure that our products meet the most demanding standards, delivering high-quality products to our consumers.

Advantages of TOTACHI wiper blades:

  • Premium materials for the frame, elastic, and adapters.
  • Flawless windshield cleaning in any weather conditions
  • Guaranteed efficiency and durability. Laboratory tested.
  • Wear indicator notifies when it is time for replacement.
  • Popular wiper blades with optimal characteristics for your choice
  • Modern wiper blade design and bright package, which stands out among competitors.
  • Maximum coverage of the vehicle fleet – all adapters included
  • Online catalogue for selection by car make/model will help with the search.
  • For cars with left or right hand drive – all models are universal

Use TOTACHI  integrated solution for confident visibility on the road in any weather conditions!

For more information on placing orders, please contact the branches of authorized TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd., Japan distributors