Totachi Welcomes Our New Head of Sales


This week, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new VP of Global Sales, Mr. Ivan Rudakov, who brings to the team more than 10 years of global sales experience in the oil & gas industry, as well as fresh ideas for growing our business.

CEO Mikhail Baiman and VP Global Sales Ivan Rudakov at The Totachi Hub

“For the last four years, we have always been taking a very creative approach in our business here at Totachi, and I think the time has come for us in our current stage of growth to build some effective systems and controls to sustain our success thus far,” said Mikhail Baiman, CEO of Totachi Industrial Pte Ltd.
We are excited to experience- and share with you- the immense value to come in the months to follow. Ivan will be implementing new structures and systems to allow us to better bring quality Japanese engine consumables to the market.