What is a limited slip differential (LSD)?


The purpose of any differential is to allow the drive wheels to turn at different rates from each other. The main reason one wheel has to turn at a different speed than the other is that when turning a corner, the inner wheel spins at a slower rater than the outer wheel as the inner wheels follows a smaller arc. If the two wheels were to be locked at the same speed, one or both of the wheels would have to break traction in order to be able to go around a corner.

Most vehicles come with an ‘open’ differential, also known as ‘peg leg’, that basically does its job of allowing the wheels to spin at different rates. If any one of the drive wheel were to slip, an open differential sends more power to the slipping wheel as it is the path of least resistance. This is most noticeable when it is stuck in snow; one drive wheel will spin while the other wheel will stand still.

From a performance standpoint, when going around a corner, the weight of the wheel on the inside of the turn is not taken into consideration and begins to slip under power causing the wheel to spin more, which may cause an understeer in FWD cars. The wheel on the outside of the turn no longer has traction and does not receive as much power. This power is then wasted on the inner spinning wheel. As one wheel begins to spin when launching aggressively off the line, the wheel will receive the bulk of the power, causing it to spin more aggressively.

LSDs use a mechanical, hydraulic or electronic mechanism to supply power to the wheels that slip. As the name implies, they provide only a limited amount of slip between the driven wheels. Therefore, when going around corners, the outer wheel will get its fair share of power, lessening the understeer and allowing one to power out of corners better. Torque steer is lessened and wheelspin on aggressive launches is also minimized.

However, the key feature of LSD is that they allow the drive wheels on either side of the vehicle to turn at different speeds, which is why we have differentials in the first place. A drag racing trick is to weld an open peg leg differential together so that both wheels are locked and receive equal power. This makes great drag launches, but extremely difficult when going around corners and can break axles as the outer wheel fights the inner wheel. Therefore, having a LSD better supports handling and acceleration during operation of the vehicle.


Totachi Extra Hypoid Gear LSD 75W-90

Totachi Extra Hypoid Gear LSD 75W-90 is a 100% synthetic premium gear oil used in transmission systems of passenger cars and off-road vehicles with final drives, equipped with limited slip differentials or constant mesh gearboxes. The product is specially designed to provide maximum protection of transmissions, operating under extremely heavy loads in different climate conditions. The formulation contains Limited Slip friction differentials. Totachi Extra Hypoid Gear LSD 75W-90 guarantees reliable lubrication compatibility with seals and gasket materials used in transmission parts. Totachi Extra Hyoid Gear LSD 75W-90 meets the specifications and requirements of SAE 75W-90, API GL-5/MT-1 and SAE J2360.


  • The product is recommended for maximum protection of highly loaded transmission systems in off-road vehicles; constant mesh gearboxes, transfer cases and gear systems, drive axles and final drives, including those with limited slip differentials.
  • Totachi Extra Hypoid Gear LSD 75W-90 is a perfect choice for applications operating in severe climate conditions. The product has excellent fluidity at cold starts and forms shear stable oil film at high working temperatures.


  • Totachi Extra Hypoid Gear LSD 75W-90 provides most effective protection for constant mesh gearboxes and final drives with self-locking differentials in service with extremely high loads.
  • The product contributes to extending transmission durability. Highly effect Extreme Pressure additives consistently protects the system against wear and extends service life of highly loaded gear and bearing teeth.
  • The balanced formulation and stable base of synthetic stocks possess high thermal and oxidative stability. The oil helps operate applications with extended service intervals.

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