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TOTACHI®Engine oils

TOTACHI ENGINE OILS – result of synthesis of latest technologies used in World oil production and years of experience in oils & lubricants production and sales for Japanese Domestic Market. The main target of modern production of lubricants for automotive engines is to create a product that combines environmental friendliness and compliance with strict specifications.

Base oil, made with ZFM Technology additives, developed by TOTACHI INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD Research Center specialists, is perfect crude to produce oils & lubricants with highest quality & characteristics. From the standpoint of requirements for quality and environmental properties such oils are real 《Pearls of the Future》.

TOTACHI Engine Oils Lineup – universal solution, that combines world major approaches to motor oils standardization :

  1. USA & Japanese Approach – API, JASO, ILSAC
  2. European Approach ACEA
  3. JDM (Japan Domestic Market) High Quality Standards

TOTACHI® Filters Engineered for TOTACHI Engine Oil

We produce the perfect combination range of filters for our engine oil products. The best proof of this is the comprehensive TOTACHI® filter product range; With our innovative air, oil, fuel and cabin filters, we offer a complete range of filters for all current engine types and machines – including an impressive service programme.

By supplying products to meet even the most demanding of manufacturer requirements, TOTACHI® has set itself a standard without precedent in the automotive aftermarket. Discover the fascinating product world of TOTACHI® – of course with original equipment quality.

Unleashing the BEST of TOTACHI® Battery

TOTACHI batteries are manufactured using the Expanded Metal Technology Ca/Ca on modern production plants, carefully selected by Totachi, and equipped with the latest industrial equipment.

This new technology allows creating batteries that easily meet the most stringent world standards and provide high performance characteristics for smooth and precise operating conditions of all electronic systems of the modern high-tech vehicles.