ClearView -25°C

Non-freezing washer fluid for cleaning automotive windshields and headlamps with protection against refreezing in winter and in transient periods for countries with cold climate. The product is manufactured using isopropyl alcohol. TOTACHI® ClearView (-25°C) demonstrates outstanding stability to freezing in cold temperatures, ideally suits for winter as well as for all season application. The product contains anti-icing reagent. A small amount of fluid creates invisible film, which prevents freezing of windshield. Due to the special formulation of detergent components the product effectively removes oil film, salt haze and insects from windshield and headlamps, maintaining their transparency and cleanliness, thus providing safety and safe and comfortable driving. The fluid is neutral to windshield wipers and other metal and rubber car elements; it does not have adverse effect on paintwork and decorative elements of car body.

Package 1.7L, 4L