TOTACHI® Concentrated Engine Power Flush is a concentrated flushing oil that restores the cleanliness of the dirtiest gasoline and diesel engines. Deeply cleans the engine by effectively removing the deposits, soot, clogs, sludge, varnish, micro particles, and all other contaminants in those hard-to-reach areas on the engine. It reduces smoke, blowby, knocking sounds, and oil consumption. Restores engine compression for optimum driving performance. Improves engine oil circulation and maximizes the oil life during service.

TOTACHI® Concentrated Engine Power Flush reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust system. It prevents new engine oils from turning black easily.


Recommended for all types of 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. For use in passenger cars, hybrids, race cars, modified cars, SUV, motorcycles, outboard motors, light duty diesel vehicles, buses, trucks, tractors, farming, mining, industrial equipment, and stationary units fueled with gasoline or diesel. Safe for use in engines fueled with LPG, CNG, ethanol/gasoline blends and biodiesel blends.

Applicable to vehicles with GPF, DPF, TWC, SCR & EGR units.

Add one can of 300 ml TOTACHI® Concentrated Engine Power Flush to the engine oil before draining. Start engine and run at fast idle for 10 minutes. Drain the oil and fill in the fresh engine oil.

Recommended to use in every oil service to maintain a clean engine.


TOTACHI® Concentrated Engine Power Flush meets or exceeds the OEM’s warranty requirements of gasoline and diesel vehicles. TOTACHI® guarantees full compliance on the written specifications indicated on product labels.


Maximizes Engine Power
Thoroughly cleans the engine, improves compression ratios, and optimizes the oil performance for a responsive & powerful drive.

Extends Engine Life
Protects the engine system against rust and corrosion, removes contaminants and clears all deposits to prolong the engine life.

Cost Savings
Decreases oil evaporation and reduces fuel consumption. Prevents unscheduled engine maintenance.

Compatibility with Engine Parts
Does not contain harmful solvents to ensure compatibility with gaskets, seals, and ferrous materials.

Before using this product, ensure it is consistent with OEM’s recommendations for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

Package 300ml
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