DENTO™ Brake Fluid DOT 4

High quality brake fluid based on complex mixture of polyalkylene glycol ethers and esters of boron with the addition of highly effective inhibitors and additives. Due to the excellent stability and resistance to high temperatures DENTO™ BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 prevents the formation of residues and deposits on surfaces, even in severe operating conditions with frequent and heavy braking. Low volatility prevents vapor locks, thus it ensures excellent braking performance and additional reliability margin. DENTO™ BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 provides long-term protection against corrosion of all materials used in brake systems: metals, plastics and elastomers. DENTO™ BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 is non-aggressive to rubber and polymer seals used in brake systems. The product exceeds many common quality standards for brake fluids, which are recommended by automotive manufacturers.



ISO 4925 (Class 4)

SAE J1704

Package 0.25L, 0.5L, 1L