DENTO™ Eco Gasoline 20W-50

DENTO™ Eco Gasoline 20W-50 is a high quality synthetic blend engine oil for high output, four-cycle gasoline engines of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, operating in hot climate conditions. The product is manufactured using the unique patented antifriction technology ZFM ™ of high viscosity index mineral and synthetic base stocks with the addition of balanced low ash additive package, thus providing outstanding protection of applications in operations under extreme loads and high operating temperatures. The product possesses excellent high shear stability and guarantees reliable protection of engine parts even in operations under boundary friction. Due to the perfect detergent characteristics DENTO Eco Gasoline 20W-50 maintains cleanliness of engine and provides maximised service intervals.



Package 1L, 4L, 200L
  • 1L - 4589904930492
  • 4L - 4589904930508
  • 200L - 4589904930522

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