DENTO™ Eco Marine 2-Stroke

Engine oil for two cycle engines of motorboats, scooters, jet skis and other marine equipment working with high loads, and with the risk of flooding.

The product is specially engineered for high output engines, including engines with direct injection, and is particularly relevant to the oil / gasoline premix application (always follow OEM recommendations for premix proportions). DENTO Eco Marine 2-Stroke is manufactured using specially selected, highly refined base stocks. The formulation contains an ashless additives package, based on patented ZFM antifriction Technology, reliably protects engine against wear and maintains its cleanliness. The product minimizes deposits buildup in combustion chamber, prevents coking of spark plugs and protects the engine’s inner surfaces against corrosion. DENTO Eco Marine 2-Stroke has the effect of self-mixing with gasoline due to the special dissolving agent.

The product is categorized as a smokeless type oil, and provides low level of harmful emission in modern two cycle engines.



Package 1L, 4L, 18L, 200L
  • 1L - 4562374698093
  • 4L - 4562374698109
  • 18L - 4562374698116
  • 200L - 4589904933165

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