DENTO™ Pawā 4T 15W-40

DENTO™ PAWĀ 4T 15W-40 is a high quality mineral engine oil for modern four cycle engines of sport bikes, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles and other two-wheel motor applications with air or liquid cooling.

The product is manufactured using highly refined mineral base stocks, a premium additives package, and additional friction modifiers to provide smooth and noiseless clutch friction performance in general oil sump.

DENTO PAWĀ 4T 15W-40 possesses outstanding oxidation stability and increased high shear stability, which provide reliable and effective performance of engine parts under extreme loads. Highly effective detergents and dispersants maintain engine cleanliness and prevents the buildup of high temperature deposits on spark plugs in the combustion chamber and valves.




Package 1 L, 0.8 L
  • 0.8L - 4589904930218
  • 1L - 4589904930225

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