DENTO™ Pawā Matic 10W-30

DENTO™ PAWĀ Matic 10W-30 is an energy conserving engine oil for scooters and maxi scooters, equipped with modern four cycle engines. The product is formulated using highly refined mineral base oils and a unique additives package that is free from modifiers for clutch friction. The product possesses good high temperature high shear stability and outstanding oxidation stability, thus providing reliable and effective protection of engines under extreme loads and temperatures. Low volatility of the lubricant decreases oil burnout, whilst effective detergent and dispersant additives maintain engine cleanliness. DENTO™ PAWĀ Matic 10W-30 is resistant to ageing and viscosity fluctuations, that are prominent in the case of incomplete combustion.



JASO MA/MA2 (T903.2011)

Package 0.8L, 1L
  • 0.8L - 4589904931253
  • 1L - 4589904931260

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