Eco Gasoline 10W-40

Eco Gasoline 10W-40 is a premium semi synthetic engine oil for use in 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles requiring a 10W40 API SN or ACEA A3/B4 engine oil.  Provides full protection to all engine parts, making it a reliable lubricant during high speed and stop-start driving.

Eco Gasoline 10W-40 is enhanced with unique anti-friction technology, ZFMTM (Zero Friction Molecular), to considerably reduce friction and wear of highly loaded engine parts that are exposed to intensive duty cycles and high operating temperatures.  It keeps engine clean and prevents varnish formation for a maximized engine service life.


Provides broad range of engine protection for most modern passenger car and light duty diesel applications ranging from SUVs, luxury and high-performance vehicles. It has been specifically formulated to meet the most demanding needs of the model European and Japanese cars.


Eco Gasoline 10W-40 meets or exceeds the OEM’s warranty requirements of gasoline & light duty diesel vehicles where API SN/SM/SL or ACEA A3/B4 oil is required.  TOTACHI® guarantees full compliance on the written specifications indicated on product labels.


Prolongs engine life
Formulated with the right components chemistry that provides high detergency to reduce deposits, sludge and prevent varnish formation to extend engine life.

Smooth start up
Wear protection, better shear stability and oxidation resistance in hot temperatures, key factors to prolong the transmission system life.

Optimum engine uptime
Additives provide an optimized drain interval to deliver maximum engine uptime.



Package 1L, 4L, 20L, 60L, 200L
  • 1L - 4589904934902
  • 4L - 4589904934919
  • 20L - 4589904934926
  • 60L - 4589904934933
  • 200L - 4589904934940

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