Sport 4T Scooter 5W-40

Sport 4T Scooter 5W-40 is a 100% synthetic engine oil used for scooters and maxi scooters, equipped with modern 4 cycle gasoline engines with dry disc clutch or automatic transmission, where JASO MB approved oil with SAE 5W-40 viscosity grade is required.

The product is manufactured using highly stable synthetic base stocks and specially formulated additives packages with ZFM antifriction technology and contains special low ash additive package, which meets most stringent modern environmental standards.

Sport 4T Scooter 5W-40 has excellent HTHS stability and outstanding oxidation stability, thus providing reliable and effective protection of engine parts under high loads and high operating temperatures. Low volatility minimizes oil burnout. Detergent and disperse additives provide cleanliness of parts and extended engine durability. Sport 4T Scooter 5W-40 prevents high temperature deposit buildup in combustion chamber and pistons.



JASO MB (T903.2011)

Package 0.8L, 1L
  • 0.8L - 4589904933660
  • 1L - 4589904933684

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