Ultra Hypoid Gear 75W-85

TOTACHI ULTRA HYPOID GEAR OIL 75W-85 GL-5/MT-1 is fully synthetic gear oil for semi-automatic transmissions, which require API GL-5 oils with antiscoring and antiwear additives and viscosity grade SAE 75W-85. It is manufactured from high viscosity index synthetic base oils with excellent antioxidizing properties and outstanding high-temperature stability. All these characteristics provide the possibility to use the product with increased drain intervals. TOTACHI ULTRA HYPOID GEAR OIL 75W-85 GL-5/MT-1 contains the unique balanced complex of additives, capable to minimize wear, to lower friction, to prevent oxidation and foaming at intensive operation of vehicles in conditions of city “traffic-jams” or in severe climate conditions with low ambient temperatures.




Package1L, 4L, 20L, 200L