ZFM Zero Friction Molecular Technology

ZFM™ (Zero Friction Molecular technology) is the genuine pride of Totachi Industrial Co., LTD. Japan. The innovative antifriction ZFM™ technology has enabled Totachi to formulate the next generation of premium engine oils that feature unique engine protection characteristics. This breakthrough technology comes directly from Totachi Kougyo Kabushiki Gaisha, otherwise known as Totachi’s R&D Headquarters in Hokkaido. The additives package, based on ZFM™ technology contributes to considerably decrease friction rate and wear of highly loaded engine parts that are exposed to intensive duty cycles and high operating temperatures.

ZFM™ Technology is based on molybdenum polysulfide of alkyldithiocarbamide complex (MoDTC) with residuals, providing increased adhesion of lubricant to metal surfaces. The ZFM™ additives package is blended in TOTACHI® engine oils with Service Categories API СJ-4, CK-4 and API SP/SN/SM, including resource conserving oils of ILSAC GF-5 Category and ILSAC GF-6A, GF-6B. Under increased temperature conditions in the friction zone of contacting parts; ZFM™ molecules modify and adhere to metal surfaces, thus forming protective coating with outstanding anti-wear performance characteristics. Trace amounts of MoDTC + ХZDTP (up to 0.5% max) in engine oil will maximize the durability of engine parts by achieving decreased friction rates. The synergetic action of these components leads to significant improvement of greasing properties of engine oil and also contributes to smoothing the micro relief of rubbing surfaces in moving metal parts. The use of ZFM™ technology ensures the decrease of friction in moving parts at temperatures +- 130°C to trace amounts.

Environmental Friendly Technologies (ECO)

ECO symbol: Environmentally Friendly Technologies. Totachi’s ECO symbol is used to recognise specific products in our holistic auto care range that contribute to increased fuel efficiency, minimising the carbon footprint of vehicles using Totachi’s ECO range. The ECO symbol is present on lubricants that use low-viscosity base oils combined with Totachi’s latest generation additives package with improved anti-friction properties that contribute to low ash levels. As a result this provides low toxicity of emission. Such oils are capable to provide effective operation in modern environmental friendly engines, specially engineered for fuel economy in «stop-and-go» operations to prevent high emission of harmful substances when idling. The ECO sign also recognises our range of gear oils and transmission fluids, specially formulated for highly efficient transmissions that provide increased fuel economy. Given that Totachi produce 100% of our lubricants in metal canisters, this also attributes to an environmental sustainability, as metal is far more recycled than plastic that tends to find it’s way into landfill/ocean/the environment.

Expanded Metal Technology (EMT)

Expanded Metal Technology (EMT) is a unique process in the manufacturing of Totachi batteries. Modern battery technology involves the use of a lead-calcium alloy in the production of battery plates, proven to deliver increased reliability and longevity of an automotive battery.

Totachi uses 100% virgin lead when compounding the PbCa alloy, and during the production of accumulator grids, a method of continuous casting and stamping of plates is used, now known as “Expanded Metal”. The use of Ca/Ca technology significantly increases start-up power, and prevents the boil-off of battery acid to create a “maintenance-free” battery. EMT improves the battery’s resilience to self-discharge in an idle state, provides a longer shelf life, and offers high CCA in extreme temperatures.

Targeted Filtration Technology (TFT)

Due to the importance placed on engine efficiency, modern automotive engines are designed with extremely close tolerances, increasing the friction load, and thus; increasing the sensitivity of the engine to micron-sized abrasive particles.  The result? Increased importance on the durability and reliability of the oil filtration system to ensure a long, stable engine life. The filter plays a non-visible role in the engine, and therefore the consumer can be misled on the importance of filter quality. Automotive filters play a crucial role in the longevity and reliable operation of engines, and hence, manufacturing technologies, equipment and quality control are of significant importance.
Since the invention and implementation of automotive filters at the beginning of the 20th century, the design has not seen significant change. Major technology advances over the past 100+ years have resulted in changes to functionality of the applied materials, and the assembling technologies of specific filter components.

TF-Technology (Targeted Filtration Technology) is Totachi’s filter technology that conforms to the specifications and requirements of OEMs, resulting in automotive filters that meet or even exceed the quality of original OEM parts.
One of the key factors of TF-Technology is the selection of a specific type; and structure, of filtering paper, allowing Totachi to regulate the porous structure of the filter element to obtain the required physical and mechanical properties of the filtration material.
Totachi’s TF-Technology impregnates the filtration medium with additional synthetic fibers, which aids to improve the quality of filtration, and guarantees the set performance characteristics that are adapted for each vehicle type.

As a result, TOTACHI® filters possess high key parameters:

  • Fineness of filtration
  • Completeness of filtration
  • Increased dust capacity
  • Low resistance to flow
  • Long life, which supersedes OEM requirements to service intervals.

The use of TOTACHI® filters can extend the service interval of your vehicle, improve engine oil effectiveness, and provide enhanced protection of the engine against harmful contamination in the air and fuel lines.

Given that the advancements in filter technology are not superficial, it is extremely difficult to differentiate a quality filter from a mediocre filter by appearance alone. Hence, when selecting a filter, it is critical to consider manufacturing technologies and brand reputation. TOTACHI® automotive filters regularly undergo certification in independent automotive research institutes, and exceed OEM specifications and requirements. Totachi automotive filters are available through our authorized distributor networks.