Technical Information

Battery Testing Procedure

Visual Check
  • Check the Container, Cover and Terminals. If physical damage is present, replace the battery.
  • Check the Indicator (If the battery has the Indicator). Always look right down when viewing the Indicator and lightly tap the Indicator on the battery to dislodge any air bubbles.
  • GOOD
Voltage Check
  • If OCV is below 12.4V, recharge the battery immediately.
Discharge Test (Load Test)
  • Connect the battery tester to battery terminals.
  • Measure the temperature of the battery around.
  • Set the battery tester ampere values for ½ of the CCA rating.
  • Apply the load for 15 seconds and read the voltage.
  • Compare measured values with values in TABLE 2.
  • If the values are outside of the table values, recharge the battery and test again.
  • If the battery fails the load test twice, replace it.
  • Sometimes, electronic testers such as MIDTRONICS, SNAP-ON and etc are used instead of load tester.
  • Electronic testers are only suitable for batteries that have been in use for a certain time.
  • They cannot rate the performance of new or unused batteries.
  • For this reason, Totachi recommends the test defined in global standards to confirm rated specifications.