Totachi Accumulator Batteries (Part 1 – Technologies)


Totachi accumulator batteries were developed and integrated as part of our mission to be a singular, reliable and tech forward brand that offers consumers peace of mind in their engine maintenance. Our accumulator batteries are carefully designed and crafted of aesthetically appealing packaging that compliments our engine consumable product range. This was achieved with consistency through new product development process. The casing in brilliant red represents our high-quality Japanese product and the clean layout makes our battery stands out amongst other brands.


Expanded Metal Technology (Ca/Ca)

Totachi accumulator batteries are manufactured using the most modern technology of calcium (Ca/Ca), which provides high reliability in daily operation of the vehicle. We use lead-calcium for the manufacture of both positive and negative battery plates.  During the production of accumulator grids, a method of continuous casting and stamping of plates is used. This method is called “Expanded Metal”.


Due to these methods, the start-up battery power is significantly improved. Furthermore, the use of calcium technology prevents boil-off thus making automotive batteries “maintenance-free”. The Ca / Ca battery technology makes batteries more resistant to self-discharge in idle state, provides longer shelf life and offers high cranking amps in all weather conditions. Virtually all modern cars are factory-equipped with such batteries, respectively, the onboard network is designed for them and voltage from the generator is adjusted for such batteries.

X-FRAME Technology produces patterned and fully frame grids through a manufacturing process called “stamping”. Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grid, TOTACHI® batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow.

  • Advanced Grid Structure for Long Life

– Full Framed Grid design prevents grid growth and short circuit.

– Continuous and high precision punching process ensures robust structure and excellent adhesion of the active mass paste.

  • Advanced Grid Design for Extra Power

– Built for maximum flow of current, the advanced grid design enables faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity.

– The design ensures there is more lead where electrical current is greatest.

  • Eco-Friendly

– Production process is more eco-friendly.


High Durability Technology

Totachi batteries provide extended life cycle through the High Durability Technology. Using cutting-edge materials, the High Durability Plate System protects the grid until the end of the battery life and improves the battery performance.

  • Provides Lasting Reinforcement

– Reinforced active mass with ultra micro fibre provides better service life to ensure highly bonding strength of lead dioxide.

  • Significant Improvement in Plate Protection

– Nonwoven Tissue increases plate durability by significantly reducing loss of active mass.

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